Friday, May 18, 2001

reality within a dream,
or is it the other way around?
sometimes the difference is
not at all so profound.
one will turn into the other
and back again.
confused and in doubt,
which one is what and when.
I don't want to dream,
nor want it to be all real.
with no dream,
there is no hope.
so, it's with reality
that I have to cope.

me again Silver. Surprised that you haven't been on today.
Just got home from work, thought I'd catch you online. Was real busy today, I'm beat, had to put umpteen appliances in stock..........them suckers get heavy after a while. Had some really nice customers as well, no complainers or bitchy ones, that helped tremendously. HE seemed to have been in hiding for the better part of the day...........aahhhhhhhh what the hell, he's probably just another jerk anyway.....but damn goodlooking, though
Go figure......oh well, I'll be hanging out a bit and see if you still show up.
Hi Silver! Good to hear from you, it's been awhile.Work is good, quit that second job a week ago. I get much more sleep now!!!! Jen sais I'm not nearly as cranky as
Love of my life????I gave up on that since the last miserable episode. If THAT was love, I certainly don't need any of it.
Seems like I'm loosing my touch....then again, seems like I never had it...just can't pick 'em. So be it.
I'm still hoping for that promotion...they have not decided yet.........I'm eager to find out. If I don't get it I might have to look for another parttime job again. Realy don't want to thouhg, tired of working 70-80 hours a week, gets old after a while.
Oh before I forget, I know of a few people you might want to invite, if you please, it'll be fun.
Well, off to work I go now. I will post tonight if something exiting has happened.
Wonder if HE is working today............heh.....a girl can dream, now can she?

Thursday, May 17, 2001

How I miss the country side....where sheep and cows mow the gras, not those loud monstrums of civilization...can't even take a nap!
What is it with this obssecion about short grass and manicured lawn? Goodness, give it a few inches at least.......
not that size matters.....well to a point anyways.
Good to have you with us Maria, hope you enjoy this site and let your thoughts reign the keyboard.
How's work? Did you find the love of your life yet?

Gee, thanks for the invite......this will be interesting, indeed.Got to go to work now though, just stopped by to check it out.
Reality has become a lie.
So many of us fake their happiness so well, they don't even realize what's true anymore.
Equally, so many people fall into depression and simply give up.
But I refuse to give in.
Dream or reality, I will not blame anybody or anything else for my state of mind.
Get over it, get on with it, don't be such a whimp.
Everybody is responsible for their own happiness.
I'm tired of listening to all those excuse of Why and Why not.
Everything does happen for a reason, yet each one of us is responsible for their own actions, no matter what.
Depressed?........Snap out of it!!!!!!
Think it's not YOUR fault?..........Think again because YOU and YOU alone are in charge of your own destiny.
Wether or not you make the right with it, deal with the consequenses.
That's life..........take charge...and for heavens sake................................
Quit whinning!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

What if..........
what if all this is just a dream?
what if nothing is real at all?
what if our existence is just a part of someones imagination?
what if someone stops imagining, wakes up?
How would we know?
Do I really want my dream to be real?
Do I want my reality to be just a dream?
How will I ever know?

I'll have to meditate on that.